Tales from Africa

I have been sitting in a cybercafe for 2 hours now and haven’t come up with anything interesting… I need some time to figure out what to do with all my jottings. I spent a week teaching how to write stories in English and I feel like I can’t put one word after the other now…

Every student had to write a story and this is my favorite so far:

Once there was a poor man who lived with his wife in a certain town. One day a fairy came and promised to give them any three things they wished for.

Just as they were having tea the wife said:” I wish we had bread”. Immediately there was bread on her hands. The husband was very angry because the wife chose the bread instead of a long life. “I wish the bread goes into your nose instead of your mouth” he said.

The bread got stuck in the wife’s nose. It was uncomfortable and she could not breathe.

This short story is written by Patience, a student in class 5 at Mkombe Academy.

The experience at the primary school has been amazing and I have been welcomed very warmly by the children and teachers. Today I was given a red pen by the headmaster. There are only 5 red pens in the all school and holding one makes you a teacher at all effects. It’s the greatest award I’ve ever received.

Next week the Mkombe Olympic Games will take place, I will update you on that.




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