Do It Yourself (DIY) Volunteering

I want to say THANK YOU to my Italian friends that supported me before leaving, my London friends that encouraged me and inspire me all the time, my Kenyan friends that welcomed me like a member of their familyand my own family that is just amazing.

A very special thank you goes to Adriana, Augusto, Raffaella, Roberta and Silvana. You have been following me since the beginning of my safari and contributed with some very helpful donations. I want to say a very big thank you because you have given me the chance to see some of the most beautiful and happy smiles. Your money are valued a lot here, as you requested I have bought some blocks for Thomas’ house and some books for the students at Mkombe Academy.

Today it was the last day before schools close. I called the headmaster as soon as I knew that the money had been transferred and ask him not to let the students go. All the parents were there to know the exams results and some dozens of people were waiting for me to get there and say hi. At the shop there were only 30 books available (660Ksh each) but that is enough to give at least one book to each desk. I was asked to introduce myself, I explained a little bit what Anthropology is, what I did in Kenya and what I do in Europe. I also told them how I got the books, how great their children are and how great people can be sometimes. When I finished my speech they started applauding and singing “Karibu, Karibu (welcome, welcome)”. I could feel happiness burning inside me, I’ve never felt that way before.

Thank you for making this happen!


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